Individual Rights and Self-Worth

Every person is born with and entitled to their own inalienable rights.  Unfortunately, many of these rights can be violated by other persons.  While reading this, we hope you learn what your own rights are, as well as the rights of others.  Recognize when people are crossing your own, personal space and infringing upon your rights and when you are violating theirs.


Here is a list of rights each person is entitled to:


            1. The right to have personal control over one’s feelings and body.


            2. The right to make your own choices regarding yourself without fearing other’s judgments and threats.


            3. The right to respectful, fulfilling, and healthy relationships with people whom you choose.


            4. The right to your own opinions.


            5. The right to not be hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally by any person.


            6. The right to be able to leave a relationship when you choose to without any fear of reprisals.


These rights should not be violated in any relationship.  If these rights are being infringed upon, a person is being abused.  These rights are inherent; no one deserves abuse.  Anyone suffering from abuse is not a bad person and is never at fault.  Domestic abuse should never be implemented or experienced by any person.  If you believe you are a survivor of domestic abuse and would like to find a hotline service to talk to, please click here.  Each person has numerous inalienable rights; do not take or let them be taken from her.