Birth Control Comparison Chart

This comparison chart describes the various birth control methods, detailing the advantages and disadvantages in hopes to aid the decision of choosing a method. Birth control preference differs among individuals as everyone’s body and lifestyle is different. The following methods of birth control are in order from most effective to least effective. Within this …

An Overview of Birth Control

Birth Control?A Brief History of Birth ControlTypes of Birth ControlNatural Methods of Birth ControlSurgical Methods of Birth ControlOther Methods of Birth ControlEmergency Measures
What Is Birth Control?
The term “birth control” refers to a broad spectrum of methods that partners engaging in sexual activity use to prevent pregnancy. The most common types of birth

How can I Remember to Take my Birth Control?

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Why Do I Have To Be Consistent With My Birth Control?Tips and TricksDaily AlarmCalendar FeatureApplications
Why Do I Have To Be Consistent With My Birth Control?

When comparing different birth control options, there are often two effectiveness percentages that are shown. One describes “perfect use,” while the other describes “typical use …

Birth Control Pill Overview

… progestin-only pills. Combination pills contain the hormones progestin and estrogen. Progestin-only pills contain progestin but do not contain estrogen.¹

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What Are Birth Control Pills?Which Pill is Right For Me?DisclaimersConcluding Remarks
What Are Birth Control Pills?

Birth control pills come in packages that typically contain a one month …

The Birth Control Shot

Birth Control Shot Work?How Effective Is the Birth Control Shot?What Are the Advantages of the Birth Control Shot?What Are the Disadvantages of the Birth Control Shot?Where Can I Get the Birth Control Shot?Can I Become Pregnant after I Stop Receiving the Birth Control Shot?Concluding Remarks
How Does the Birth

The Birth Control Implant

… the Birth Control Implant?What are the disadvantages?What Are The Risks and Side Effects?When to Avoid the Birth Control Implant Concluding Remarks
What Is the Birth Control Implant?

The birth control implant, which is sold currently in the United States as Nexplanon®, is a form of hormonal birth control that is inserted …

Fertility Awareness Methods for Family Planning

Fertility awareness-based methods are different techniques that can be used to either avoid or attempt pregnancy. They differ from other methods of family planning because one does not have to take hormonal birth control or other types of medication. Although these methods can be used to achieve pregnancy, this article will focus on the …

Hormonal Contraceptives and Antibiotics

… and progestin . Due to interactions such as this, it is critical that your health care provider is aware of all medications you are taking, including hormonal contraception (birth control pills, patches, rings, implants, injections).

Research on this subject is limited, but the studies that exist suggest that non-rifamycin antibiotics do not have an effect …

Bodily Autonomy

… as it can be granted. Below will describe the difference between negative and affirmative consent.

“Yes Means Yes”

Bodily autonomy and consent mean that people have complete control over their own bodies, including the right to choose who they engage in sexual activity with what actions they want to participate in. Taking this into account …