SexInfo at UCSB

Welcome! This page is intended as a resource for University of California Santa Barbara students to learn about and get involved with the work we do at SexInfo. We invite UCSB students to attend events, participate in ongoing projects, and engage in the club or courses directly involved with our collective. Our work is dedicated to the advancement of resources pertaining to all topics under the umbrella of gender and sex, and we hope to gain more voices to be part of our growing community. Below is a list of the various ways that UCSB students can engage in work pertaining to gender and sexual health advocacy.

How to get Involved with SexInfo

Attend and Participate in Programs, Projects, and Events

Check here to see past, current, and future projects and events hosted by SexInfo. Contact us to learn more about participating in outreach projects and attending events.

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Human Sexuality Courses at UCSB

Sociology 152A is an upper division sociology course available to all UCSB students who are interested in learning more about sexual health, gender, relationships, and intimacy. Sociology 152B is a small, discussion-based course that is available to a select group of exemplary 152A students. More information can be found on the UCSB course catalog.

Join SexInfo OnCampus Club! 

SexInfo OnCampus is a club dedicated to sex-positive sex education! We hold weekly discussions on sex, love, and romance. We hold quarterly events, such as Sex Trivia Night, Open Mics and Art Shows. SexInfo OnCampus is dedicated to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility. 
To join, click the link below. 

Link to shoreline:

Note: The link is only currently only accessible to members, students, or faculty from UCSB (University of California- Santa Barbara). 


If you have any additional questions, concerns, or suggestions related to our local work in Santa Barbara and presence on UCSB campus, we encourage you to reach out to us through the “contact us” feature.