Female Masturbation (Teen Corner)

… with their bodies and senses.

The images of sex which are most prevalent in the popular media tend to focus in on the vagina. If not having penilevaginal sex with men, women are usually depicted getting themselves off with a dildo or vibrating phallus (penis). Men tend to think that inserting something into the …

SexInfo Lesson Plan

… Sexual OrientationTypes of Sexual OrientationsThe Process of Coming OutLGTBQ Rights in the U.S.Same-Sex MarriageHealthy Body ImageImportance of Positive Self Image

Overview of Sex & Sexuality

Penile/Vaginal Intercourse Oral Sex Anal Sex A Guide to Sex Toys

Sexual Health

Contraception Overview Barrier Methods DiaphragmCervical CapMale CondomContraceptive SpongeFemale Condom Natural Methods AbstinenceCalendar MethodFertility AwarenessWithdrawal …

Teaching Comprehensive Sex Education

… heterosexual experiences and behaviors. This approach omits important information for any students who are not strictly “straight.” It is important to express that sex is not exclusively penilevaginal penetration, and it is crucial to inform students how to protect themselves during all sexual encounters. Students should know the various risks associated with sexual acts …

Diphallia (Two Penises)

… retain a bodily discharge voluntarily) and erectile function.

There have been many cases of diphallia in which males lead normal sexual lives, and are able to have penilevaginal and/or penile-anal intercourse. Some diphallic males have fathered children with their female partners. Diphallia is not hereditary, and males born from fathers with the …


… prevalence called “super gonorrhea,” which is resistant to antibiotics. To learn more about super gonorrhea, read this article.


Gonorrhea is transmitted through any kind of unprotected penilevaginal, oral-genital, oral-anal, and genital-anal contact with an infected individual. Therefore, any sexually active person is at risk for contracting gonorrhea. The bacteria can …

A Guide to Sex Toys

… attention.

Strap-on Dildos

Some dildos are specially designed to be strapped onto a person’s body or head. To the left, you can see a harness that would attach to a dildo. Strap–on dildos can be utilized for an exciting role reversal from traditional penile/vaginal sex. When a partner without a …

Modification of Pubic Hair

… Reasons for why some people modify or remove their pubic hair include the following:

Hygiene (especially during menstruation)Aesthetics (looks)TraditionReligious beliefsSexual practices (i.e., oral sex, penile/vaginal sex, etc.)Comfort Preferences

Removal/Modification Methods

There are a wide variety of methods used to remove or alter pubic hair. The most common short-term …

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs)

… must enter the vagina to result in pregnancy14You are about to have unprotected sex—it only works after intercourse has occurred4

As long as there was no penilevaginal penetration and no bodily fluids were exchanged (this includes pre-cum which is pre-ejaculate that is produced prior to ejaculation), then there is no reason …

Increasing Popularity of Oral Sex

… transmission of bodily fluids into and on the mouth. Currently, over three million American teenagers become infected with one or more STIs each year, including both bacterial (e.g. gonorrhea, chlamydia) and viral infections (e.g. herpes, HIV).4 Non-penile/vaginal sexual behaviors also pose a risk for STIs among adolescents. For instance, public