Anatomy Diagrams


These diagrams are to be used for the purpose of education. Within a classroom setting, teachers can either use the simplified depictions of the reproductive system as a viewable diagram to teach anatomy, or as an interactive learning tool. Each diagram includes a simplified drawing of the general organs, one with labeled boxes, and one with a fill-in-the-blank capability. The labeled diagram can be used as an answer key, or as a handout that students can use as a visual aid. The simplistic style of the drawings is meant to allow for easier understanding of these systems, and they can even be colored in as part of an assignment. These diagrams include several key anatomy features, but can be altered to include either more or less detail/information, depending on the teacher’s curriculum.

These diagrams include:

  • The internal male reproductive system as viewed from the side(cross section)
  • The external male reproductive system, including a penis, with a ‘cut out’ to see the inside, and close-ups of a cross section of a penis, and a cross section of a testicle 
  • The internal female reproductive system as viewed from the front
  • The external female reproductive system as viewed from the bottom, including the vulva

The Vulva:

Anatomical diagram of the vulva including: glans of clitoris, mons pubis, prepuce of clitoris, urethral opening, vestibule, hymen, perineum, anus, posterior fourchet, labia major, vaginal entrance, an dlabia minora.

Male Reproductive System (Side View):

Side view of male's reproductive system, including: bladder, pubic bone, suspensory ligament of penis, puboprostatic ligament, perineal membrane, external urethral sphincter, penis, corpus cavernous, glans penis, foreskin, urethral opening, sigmoid colon, rectum, seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, prostate gland, Cowper's gland, anus, vas deferens, epididymis, testis, and scrotum.

Penis/Cross section:

Anatomical diagram of a penis, including: glans penis, corpora cavernosa, dorsal vein, urethra, spongy body, cavernous artery, nerves, and corona.

Female Inner Reproductive System:

Anatomical diagram of the female reproductive system, including: rectouterine pouch, fornix, cervix, greater vestibular gland, labium majus, labium minus, clitoris, vagina, vesicouterine pouch, uterus, ovary, and uterine tube.