Asking Your Parents About Getting Condoms or Birth Control

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Going through puberty can be a difficult and weird time with all the changes that your body is going through. The mix of hormonal fluctuations and new interpersonal relationships of middle and high school can make this an emotional time. A lot of these emotions might have to do with the sexual urges you may be beginning to feel. If you are thinking about becoming sexually active and having intercourse but don’t know how to approach your parents about being safe about it, here are some tips that may be able to help you with this issue.

Asking Your Parents For Condoms

Talking to your parents about sex in general can be a very awkward experience in itself so asking for condoms can be an even extra awkward time. But do not fret! Approaching them the right way will give you the best chances of having a good conversation with them. First of all, you want to make sure they are both relaxed and not running around stressed out. A good time may be after dinner or before you go to bed. Most likely they will be in a calm state of mind which allows you to be able to really talk to them. After you find a good time to talk to them, you have to think about what exactly you are going to say. This can be one of the hardest parts because every parent is different. Yours may be very strict about sex but others may be very laid back and a conversation may not even have to happen at all. Let’s assume your parents are a bit stricter. If that is the case, start the conversation with “Hey Mom and/or Dad, so I wanted to come to you first about this now rather than later.” Saying this lets your parents know that you have respect for them and that you want them to know whether they are okay with it or not. After you say that, you can either go right out and say “I am having (or going to have) sex and I want to be safe about it” or you can say “If I decide to have sex I just want to be safe about it and use condoms and let you both know that.” Having been given this information, your parents know exactly what your intentions are. After having a serious discussion, if your parents give you an absolute no, there are other ways to get condoms. You can buy condoms at a convenience store, gas station, or sometimes get them for free from the school nurse or clinic, such as Planned Parenthood. You can also ask your friends or siblings to help you out if you feel uncomfortable. two gray packets on blue and yellow surface

Asking Your Parents For Birth Control

Birth control is another way to practice safe sex. Getting birth control can be a process though, especially if your parents aren’t on board with it. To get birth control you have to consult your doctor which, for the most part, includes your parents if you are under 18 years old. It can be tough approaching your parents and telling them that you want to go on birth control, but it is not impossible. To begin, ask yourself why you want to go on birth control in the first place. Do some research before asking your parents because almost all birth controls have some side-effects. For more information specifically about different kinds of birth control and their side-effects, check out this link to another article on SexInfo: Birth Control. After deciding yes, you have to figure out what to say when approaching your parents. If they aren’t very strict, go to them in a casual way and say “Hey so I think it would be a good idea for me to go on birth control.” You can also say that you have done research and looked into it and that you just want them to know. If your parents are much stricter, then it would be a good idea to approach your parents more carefully. Make sure you get them in a time that they are relaxed. This way you know that you don’t catch them in a bad mood with the chances of them being open to birth control are not that great. If it seems that you have done a lot to prepare for this conversation, your parents will be more open to the idea. Another possibility is that your parents are extremely traditional and you already know there is no way of getting birth control. Do not freak out. There are other ways to go about getting birth control. You can either go to a Planned Parenthood or visit your doctor by yourself. In many situations, your doctor legally cannot tell your parents that you were there or what the purpose of the visit was. This may be risky if you don’t want to disobey your parents, but it is an option. You can also tell them that you would like to go on birth control to regulate your period. Many women struggle with irregular menstrual cycles and painful cramps, which can be alleviated with certain birth control methods.

Experiencing sex and utilizing safety precautions can be awkward and even laughable at times. You are experiencing things that you never have before and it can be a lot to take in sometimes. Always remember that if you wish to be sexually active, there are a number of ways to be safe about it. If you have any other questions regarding safe sex or teen-related questions, please check out our other articles on SexInfo!

Last Updated February 16, 2016