What is a Blumpkin?

A character sitting on a toilet. Another character is on their knees and has their head on the other person's lap.

A blumpkin is the slang term for fellatio, or oral sex, given to a recipient who is defecating in a toilet.1 Giving or receiving a blumpkin is often viewed as an eccentric sexual act; the term is often used jokingly and a simple web search will bring up many different Urban Dictionary (UD) definitions of the word. As UD describes, a blumpkin is “the delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked while taking a dump.”2

How Does a Blumpkin Happen?

For a blumpkin to take place, a male sits on the toilet while his partner kneels down in front of him. The partner gives the sitting male a blowjob while he empties his bowels.2

Legend or Real?

Receiving a blumpkin is often seen as a rare, legendary conquest that young males joke about. It is unknown how commonly practiced this act truly is, as it is portrayed more often as a joke than a real sexual interaction.3 There is not much information online regarding blumpkins due to the confusion about and lack of scientific studies available on the topic. As such, this article will try to provide as much accurate information as possible on blumpkins.

Potential Dangers Associated With Blumpkins

Giving someone a blowjob while they are defecating on the toilet can be a very unsanitary situation. As feces hits the water in the toilet bowl, fecal matter could splash back up and come into contact with the person that is giving the blowjob. If feces comes into contact with the face or mouth there is a high risk of infection if bacteria commonly found in feces, such as E-coli, is exposed to an open wound or sore. Due to the intimate mouth to genitalia contact that accompanies blumpkins, there is also a significant risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections if a condom is not worn. The giver’s face is also very close to the toilet bowl itself, which often contains germs from all of the those who have previously used the toilet. Because one partner’s face is so close to the toilet bowl, the smell of the receiver’s feces could cause adverse effects for the giver such as discomfort, gagging, or even vomiting.

A variety of alcohol.

Since the act of giving a blumpkin can be unpleasant for the person giving it, blumpkins may occur while either one or both of the partners are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An intoxicated partner may be coerced into partaking in the activity against their personal will. This can lead to many undesirable consequences for both parties involved. A person under the influence is at a much higher risk of being involved in a dangerous situation, such as passing out and hitting their head on the toilet bowl or unintentionally biting the receiver’s penis.

It is extremely important for both partners to be fully consenting before and during the blumpkin. Communication is key! Partners must discuss the act before it takes place to make sure that they are comfortable and willing to participate. If both partners agree, then the blowjob can begin. Constant and clear affirmation throughout the act is important, and if at any time during the encounter one of the partners changes their mind and

A "woman" and a "man" characters.

wants to stop, the blowjob must stop immediately. It is important to realize that consent is necessary throughout the entirety of any sexual encounter, regardless of when a partner may choose to stop. This means that there must be a confident and clear “YES” whenever one partakes in this activity. Remember that a person incapacitated due to alcohol consumption, drug use, coercion, or physical force is not able to give consent legally. Emotional force such as threats, peer pressure, or guilt does not create a consenting situation. Sexual activity without consent is sexual assault.

What About Females?

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A “blumpkina” is defined as, “When a woman receives cunnilingus whilst defecating.”1 This reversal of roles calls for the female to sit on the toilet while her male or female partner kneels in front of her and performs cunnilingus, commonly referred to as “eating out.” The proximity of the giver’s mouth to the anus makes this activity even less common than the regular blumpkin. Once again, it is vital to be cautious while performing this sexual act, as it is very possible to get feces on the face, in the mouth, or in the vagina. Contracting bacterial or sexually transmitted infections is possible for the giver and the receiver. If during a “blumpkin” the fecal matter travels from the anus to the vagina, the receiver is at risk of vaginal infection and the giver is at risk of oral infection. Not only can this close contact be very unappealing to the giving partner, but it can also be very detrimental to both the giver’s and the receiver’s health.

What Is the Appeal?

The words "BLUMPKINS SAY I LOVE YOU." A graphic of a person sitting on a toilet another person on their knees, with their head on the other person's lap.

There are many reasons someone would be interested in giving or receiving a blumpkin. Many people see it as an erotic and sexually charged gesture.  A partner performing a blumpkin may do so because they are trying to find a new way to give pleasure to their partner, they have a particular fetish (such as coprophilia), or they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as mentioned above.  Blumpkins can be seen as an alternative and interesting way to diversify one’s sex life. If a person is curious about whether or not their partner would be interested in partaking in the act of giving or receiving a blumpkin, bringing it up in conversation could help each of them understand and solidify their sexual boundaries. Some may see this form of sexual activity as a way to combine the pleasurable relief of defecation and the stimulating sensation of oral pleasure. Additional appeals of blumpkins may include its rumored ability to provide an intensified orgasm due to the combined experience that results from ejaculating and defecating simultaneously.1 However, there is no scientific evidence yet to support this theory.

Blumpkins are an eccentric way to diversify one’s sexual activity. Although intriguing it is important to approach any sexual act with open communication between partners as well as a significant amount of caution. This is especially vital for an act that involves the anus and possible exposure to fecal matter. Blumpkins are just one of the ways  that people diversify and explore possible sexual activities.

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Last Updated: 3 November 2016.